Don’t Leave Me, Please!

by Miss Footloose

Miss Footloose is DistraughtTreasured Google Friend Connect subscribers,

I, Miss Footloose, am very distraught because Google Friend Connect will no longer serve my blog because it is not a Blogger blog. As of March 1, Google will evaporate you from my site and you will no longer receive my posts about my exotic harrowing (mis)adventures living abroad.

Please consider following Life in the Expat Lane in a different way. You can subscribe through an RSS feed or get my new posts by email.  You’ll find the options in the sidebar. Please do it now or it may forever be too late!

Don’t leave me, please!

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Gusta Lucini

I am already connected through email so I am safe.
Don’t want to miss your adventures.
Greetings from a very wet VA

There’s always something changing these days isn’t there?! We’re Blogger but got rid of our Google Friend Connect because it was just slowing the site down. May you be the recipient of many new subscribers! 🙂

Wow…that’s not cool. I’ve already subscribed via email so I’m safe. I do that with all my favorite blogs because you know there’s going to be an all-out war between Blogger and Wordpress. I don’t want to change my platform but it’s certainly tempting when Google behaves in such a childish way.
Thanks for the heads-up,

Hi there Miss Footloose,
we can’t have that happening! I hate when Google messes with us in that way. But I think you need to fix your RSS subscribe page, I get an error when I click on it.
Nice new layout by the way – what’s in the air that everyone is redesigning their blog?

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