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Books by Karen van der ZeeWriting as Karen van der Zee, Miss Footloose has written and published a lot of books, many of them set in exotic locations. You’ll find them on her website’s backlist.

Want to buy some? You can find many of them second hand, but from those sales Miss Footloose won’t earn a penny and that’s not really fair, don’t you think? After all, she slaved over writing these books. So here are some titles available as e-books, and yes, she will earn a couple of pennies from those sales, so be nice and go for it!





The Italian's SeductionThe Italian’s Seduction (Italy)

It sounded like heaven: an apartment in a small Italian town — the  perfect summer escape. But after a number of setbacks, Charli Olson finds herself stranded, with nowhere to go, until gorgeous Massimo Castellini offers her a room in his luxurious villa.

Massimo finds Charli’s blond prettiness hard to resist. Although he’s vowed he’ll never love again, he amuses himself with her seduction. But Charli surprises Massimo with her strong will. Suddenly the casual affair becomes a dark battle of desire — which Massimo fully intends to win….

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Hired WifeHired Wife (Indonesia)

Sam Rasheed needs a live-in interior designer to furnish his house in exotic Java where he is setting up a new company, and Kim, longing for adventure, wants the job. So she convinces him that the infatuated teenager he’d rejected eleven years ago was now a controlled, responsible businesswoman…

She plays along with Sam’s suggestion of a fake marriage to keep idle gossip at bay and in the hope that it will protect her from the unwanted admirers who are plaguing her. But soon Kim finds it difficult to keep up a professional attitude. Once again she falls head over heels in love with Sam and Sam is more than willing to play the devoted husband behind closed doors. But loving him is not as easy as it should be. When disaster strikes, only her total trust will teach him how to open his heart to her.

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Rand's RedemptionRand’s Redemption (Kenya, East Africa)

Rand Caldwell was as rugged and untamed as the land he owned: 75,000 wild acres of hills and savannah in vast, beautiful Kenya. He might love women, but they’d never been a part of his long-term plan.

Warm, fun-loving Shanna Moore turned Rand’s life upside down. So much so that soon he was gruffly inviting her to share his home— if she’d like. Shanna knew she would, but did his invitation include sharing his bed?

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An Inconvenient HusbandAn Inconvenient Husband (Malaysia)

It wasn’t that Nicky hadn’t loved her husband–quite the opposite. By leaving, Nicky had hoped to provoke some kind of reaction. Blake Chandler was the strong and silent type. He didn’t show much emotion behind those impassive gray eyes. Of course, Nicky’s plan had misfired–Blake had been only too happy to sign the divorce papers.

Now, four years later, in Malaysia, Nicky is abducted by her ex, and this time Blake is far from silent about his feelings.

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Midnight Rhythms by Karen van der ZeeMidnight Rhythms (USA)

The last thing stressed-out Samantha wants is a stranger in the house for three long months!

David is always there — making her angry, making her laugh, giving her all the fun she’s been missing…and, during the long, sleepless nights, showing just how much he wants her. Sam doesn’t want to fall in love — but David’s irresistible charms are slowly breaking down her defenses. She knows there is no future for them: He’s wealthy, cosmopolitan and on his way out of the country once again.

Then one terrible day she discovers his secret and together they find a way to have a future together.

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Captive in Eden by Karen van der ZeeCaptive in Eden (Caribbean)

“You told me you didn’t stay the night because you had designs on my body. So what else could it be?”

Sky had to convince Chase Montana that falling asleep during his cocktail party had been accidental. But Chase wasn’t exactly the sympathetic type, and he had a predatory glint in his eyes that Sky found unnerving. So why did she find herself agreeing to accompany him to a remote island? Perhaps she found the hint of wildness and danger about him exciting….

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A Love UntamedA Love Untamed (USA)

Should she give him the photo or throw it out and pretend she’d never found it…?

Livia had bought the house–lock, stock and barrel. Unknowingly, she’d also bought Clint Bracamonte’s past…. He’d returned to find Livia the new owner of his family home. As Livia cleared long-unopened drawers and sorted through long-forgotten boxes, she delighted in each new discovery about the man she’d quickly come to love. And then Livia had come across the photograph–which seemed to change everything….

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Fire and Spice by Karen van der ZeeFire and Spice (USA)

A temporary mistress?

To Zoe, Bryant Sinclair was a dream come true–an almost perfect Mr. Right with an instant family to boot! There was just one problem–whatever it was that was going on between them, he meant it to be a temporary arrangement.

Deserted by one woman, Bryant had no desire to let another get close. He would kiss Zoe, make love to her even, but then, despite the fire and spice their relationship promised, he seemed quite prepared to let her go….

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The Other Man

When Gwen had been forced to reject the man she loved, she’d thought she’d made the right decision until fate thrust her and Aidan together to rekindle the compelling attraction they had felt in their youth. But twelve years amounted to a lot of living and both had gained a past of their own. Driven by passion, love and guilt, there were two ways to smash this emotional deadlock—to break up, once and for all, or put the past firmly away and seize that second chance….

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For all my other titles, many of them set in exotic locations, check out my website’s backlist.

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