Expat Fun: Window Shopping in Rome

by Miss Footloose

Bald mannequinWhether you’re an expat or not, you have to wear clothes in public (unless you’re in a place where nudism is the fashion), which means you’ve got to go shopping and buy them.

Are you a fashionista? You love clothes? You love shopping? I, Miss Footloose, do not belong to your tribe, but hey, once in a while I do get rather fascinated by the fashion scene. I was in Rome last month, and I walked the streets for hours and could not help looking in the shop windows. I was especially charmed by all the bald mannequins. Below are some photos of what I saw. And no, I did not buy any of these clothes, although I was tempted by a few items. Once in a while I forget I am not a skinny model.

Rome fashion

Where is she off to without hair and no hat?

Rome fashion

Love those reflections

Rome fashion

Rome fashion

These two live in a less fashionable Rome neighborhood, but at least they have hair

Window shopping in Rome

Seen before Valentine’s Day

Window shopping in Rome

Maybe I should have bought one of these outfits. Then a friend might say, “Oh, I love your dress!” And I’d be able to say, ever so casually, “Oh, I got that in Rome last month.” How cool would that be? Sadly, I’m not cool. Really, I should work on that.

Window shopping in Rome

Can you spell foot pain, knee pain, back pain?

Rome fashions

And of course don’t forget to wear one of these

Now that I am back in Moldova, I just noticed that in the upscale shops on Pushkin Street in Chisinau (the capital), the mannequins go bald as well. Mannequins may have been bald for years, but I never noticed.

Enough already.

* * *

Any fun fashion story you’d like to share? What is your favorite place for window shopping? Scroll down and hit that comment button.

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[…] I can’t sleep! I recently spent a week in Rome and did some serious window shopping and all I saw was bald mannequins! Just have a look here.  […]

Erica @ Expatria, Baby

Foot pain, knee pain, back pain aside, I die for those shoes! Oh my!

Lol we had bold mannequins in my parents shop but they had wigs.
The Italien fashion is top notch great shots Groetjes

I’m not a fashionista, and it’s been awhile since I had to dress up for the work world, but it sure was fun strolling the sidewalks of Rome via your blog post checking out the latest fashions. You’ve given me incentive to go do my (trying to become) daily workout, bedankt!

Hi Ms. K,

Maybe bald is coming into fashion. Would be handy for all those women who’s hair has fallen out after chemo….


We’ve got some horribly scary looking mannequins here at the markets in Lima. I’ve noticed an awful lot of bald ones in the upper crust shops, too. When the boys were smaller, we used to walk past the windows and make up stories about them and their deficits in hair, head, arms or legs.

No, I’m not a member of the fashionista tribe either and looking at your photos here, I suspect I’m going to feel very scruffy while traipsing around the streets of Rome! 🙂

I’ve never noticed mannequin hair… or lack of it! I’ll have to make it a point to look next time I pass a clothing store.

I could never wear anything like it, but I do like the white coat with the square patterns.

Well, for those of us who are not as lucky as you to go (window) shopping in Rome, this post is Heaven 🙂 I like a couple of outfits here (don’t worry, not the fake leopard one) and the big bag with that bald mannequin all dressed in white. She looks a bit like a mummy from ancient Egypt, doesn’t she.

The best clothes (well sort of) I ever saw on mannequins was on the island of Capri (off the coast of Naples). Over 3,000 euros for a very slinky dress! And about the same amount for matching shoes. And then you can only wear them for about three months before they are out of fashion again.

Most mannequins do have hair which is why I think we notice the ones without. Having said that, I do prefer the shops that actually have mannequins in different colours and sizes…

I hate shopping and am happy with my second hand clothes bought over a decade ago!

Dang, if those two haired mannequins came walking down the street in those clothes, I might start running in the opposite direction. That leopard faux fur with ribbing is most definitely a global Mademoiselle magazine DON’T!

Even sadder – I live about 1.5 miles from Chicago’s Michigan Avenue and I couldn’t even tell you what the shops are never mind whether or not the mannequins have hair! Must get out more!

You know, I don’t think there are any mannequins, bald or otherwise, in our local large town of Gueret. I can’t recall ever seeing one. We’re a very rural area. I guess the shops think they’d be too elegant for us!

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