Expat Life: Miss Footloose Goes on a Hedonistic Jaunt

by Miss Footloose

Expat life can be so exhausting, don’t you agree? Now and then a bit of R & R is of the essence. So last week my prince and I boarded a plane to a romantic place to rejuvenate, masticate and luxuriate. It was, after all, the week of Valentine’s Day.

Rome at night

Ready for a romantic dinner, gas heaters warming the terrace.

We roamed the ancient cobbled streets of a famous European city. Oh, the wonders of the place, and the stories I have to tell you (later)!

We ate and drank scrumptiously and copiously.  We marveled at the architecture, walking for hours to see the sights. It was cold and we wore our winter coats, but the weather was so much better than in Moldova, my present habitat, where the temperatures were arctic and 30 cm (a foot) of snow fell while we were away.

Where were we? Have a guess.

No, it’s not Amsterdam.

Here some pictures to help you figure it out. In the mean time I am crafting a few tales about our trip. Yes, things happened, from the moment we stepped out of the airport, but first just look at these photos . . .

Nobody was looking at the floor.

Many people visit this place, looking high up and all around.  Most don’t look at the floor. But I did, and I took a picture of it.



car parking in Rome

Romance is everywhere: Kissing cars all over town.

People are masters at parking their cars. It’s a show to watch them get in and out of their spaces.


The window shopping was fun. I loved the mannequins. Especially because I really don’t want to look like them.

Rome fashion

New spring fashions.


Of course there are many statues everywhere.  Here’s just a sample:

Loose the beard and he could be the hero in a romance novel. Or maybe not.


People here love their hot chocolate in the winter months.

cioccalate calda

Hot chocolate with topping. Often served with whipped cream.

It’s thick and rich like pudding. It’s not Swiss Miss or any other instant powder mixed with hot water. You eat this with a spoon! For chocoholics, this is an orgasmic experience. Good coffee shops and restaurants will have their own special recipes.


A farmers’ market in the middle of winter, oh joy! Vegetables, cheese, honey, meat, and even raw milk. It was fabulous. It almost made me cry because I couldn’t take any of it with me. Okay, a little cheese.


Herbed pork roast for sale in the farmers’ market.

A famous sandwich is made with this pork roast, an “official” traditional food.

I’ll have mercy on you, dear reader, and stop here with the photos. Next time I’ll have a story. Now go ahead and tell me what you did for Valentine’s Day (week) and where you think I was. No prizes, sorry.

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This made me realize even more than before how my Costco food served to the “starving” actors at my house over the weekend, is junk and “crap” when I see the fresh foods, hot chocolate, and other goodies people can eat in ????

Just divine! Absolutely GREEN with envy. How gorgeous.

I think it is Rome too and the statue is on top of a fountain I will go there at the end of June this year and can’t wait. You must have had a lovely time


Those cars looks like they’re in for a good case of being rear-ended.

On another note, now that is what you call chocolate in its full glory.


I’d guess Italy and do hope you will confess to readers and include the address of where you had that hot chocolate to die for!

I think Italy too, although I have never been. I once had an amazing white hot chocolate comparable to that in the picture in Greece – really it will be remembered til my dying day. I didn’t do anything for V-day, bemoaned with my mother about it being unnecessary…

Wonderful shots! The porchetta did it for me – is it Rome? If things worth writing about didn’t happen to you there … then you must’ve been to a different Rome from the one in Italy! 😀

Is it Rome as the comment above says? I was thinking Italy somewhere. We’ll be in Rome at the end of April. Can’t wait to see it. Our Valentine’s Day was spent at home and I made a lasagne. Looks like we’re all thinking Italy when we think romance. 😉

How wonderfully romantic and inspiring that you guys spent Valentine’s in Rome. I started figuring out that you were in Italy when I saw the kissing cars (parking and driving is a nightmare in Italy), and then specifically Rome, when I saw the photo with the statue.


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