by Miss Footloose

My Treasured Subscribers,

The Expat Lane has experienced serious traffic problems recently due to the move from Blogger to WordPress and you may not have received my weekly tales.  Many of you did not.

Here is my new url:


Please change the links you may have in your blogrolls.

The old url with Blogspot in it is dead and gone.


Thank you for your support.  Miss Footloose is grateful.

* * *

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Hi, thought you didn’t post anymore ;-(
I didn’t refresh my subscription, but blogger has now updated your new post to my sidebar (am I making any sense at all?). So it’s all good again. Yippee!

I subscribed. I would hate to miss your entertaining expat stories.

A big congratulations to you for a job well done. Your blog has been reviewed and I’m elated to let you know that your blog has been added to the Blogging Women directory.

Our all women’s blog directory was created to highlight the outstanding blogs published by women and I am pleased to add another wonderful blog to our directory.

Much thanks for all your hard work. Continued success with this blog and all you do!

Fixed in my blogroll!! BTW I like the new header pic!

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