Expat Stories: Female Nomad and Friends

by Miss Footloose

Love expat stories?  Looking for an interesting summer read?  Want to do some good at the same time?  Look no further.  Hurry up and get yourself a copy of THE FEMALE NOMAD AND FRIENDS by Rita Golden Gelman, which came out earlier this summer.  All royalties will be used to fund educational scholarships for kids from the slums of New Delhi.  How can you go wrong?

Published by Three Rivers Press

If you enjoy my tales on my blog Life In the Expat Lane, you will like this book, a collection of exotic stories set in many places around the world written by an adventurous group of authors.  Humbly, Miss Footloose admits to be one of them.  Writing as Karen van der Zee she crafted four tales in this anthology.

And if you’re a foodie, you’ll be happy to know that a number of international recipes are included such as chiles en nogada (stuffed poblano chiles topped with a white cream sauce with walnuts and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds), and ho mok (an extraordinary fish coconut custard from Thailand) and Miss Footloose’s Karen van der Zee’s contribution of spicy West African groundnut soup.

This is also a great book to give away as a hostess gift, a Christmas gift or for any occasion for friends who enjoy adventure, travel and cooking. And it’s beautiful to look at!  Don’t you just love that cover?

* * *

Let me know what you think about this book, and if you have other expat books you enjoy, please pass on the titles and authors.

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Wow – can’t wait to read these stories!

I just noticed I made a mistake. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part. I meant to say, I enjoyed YOUR 3 or was it 4 stories in the book. Please accept my apologies.

Hello there! Thanks ever so kindly for the great comment on my blog about dancing under the stars! I just got back from holidays and saw it and saw that you signed on as a follower. So cool! Thanks! I will be back to check out your blog after I unpack and get settled. Thanks again!

Tracy at It’s an Average Life!

I have to confess that I really enjoyed our 3 or was it 4, stories in this book? Groundnut soup brought back memories of living in Nigeria. Haven’t heard that word in years. I just saw it today at my Barnes and Noble in Tustin, California.

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