by Miss Footloose

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Dade F

nice interesting post, thanks for sharing 😉

Another great story!

I can’t stand dark and dreary places. I guess my year in Glasgow was the worst. No sunshine, so I went to a tanning booth to get color. Only 21 at the time. I was cheated by my Scottish roomate. She stole my pin # on my card and withdrew cash when I left it in my room. Great post and very entertaining. Have you written a memoir?

Great story! When Hubby and i visited Turkey we *think* we got swindled on our second carpet purchase. We later had an opportunity to have it properly appraised but declined because we loved it so much we didn’t want to hear any potentially bad news! LOL


I have never been sheared in a Chinese hair salon, but I’ve come close! My lack of language skills means I must take a picture with me or I’ll end up with something crazy. Nevertheless, I love visiting the salons here. They give great scalp massages! As for being cheated – this happens to us constantly, but in our small Chinese city we are being cheated out of mere pennies, so no big deal. Usually this happens in the street markets for things like fruits & vegetables.

Great stories you have posted here!

Thank you for your comments! Gutsy Writer, about my memoir: you’re reading pieces of it! Now if only I could find a publisher I’d be happy, but it’s a jungle out there!

Cairo TypO — yes, better not know about your carpet. Just love it for it’s sown sake 😉

Global Gal,

Yes, being cheated in the shops and markets is often not a big deal and perfectly understandable even. I try to put myself in the sellers’ shoes and do the same thing … 😉

Commenting a year late here… 😉
YES! My husband and I have what we feel is a good price for white people. It’s far more than locals pay, but on the bright side, far less than a lot of our compatriots. My husband is pretty good at bargaining.

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