Life Abroad: The Fabulous, the Funky, and the Freaky

by Miss Footloose

Are you stressed and worried about the state of the world? Need a little distraction? Have a look at the fabulous, the funky, and the freaky stuff to be found everywhere. The world is a wonderful place, really!

Red-eyed tree frog

Even this gorgeous red-eyed tree frog seems to think the world is a fascinating place.

When you live abroad or travel around the globe and you have an open mind, how can you ever not be thrilled and charmed by all the spectacular sights and weird stuff you set your eyes on? You tell me.

For this post, dear reader, I am going to do some poaching for your entertainment and offer you a few sites to explore.  Trust me, you will not be bored. And if you are, there is no hope for you.

First, feast your eyes on the photos in the link below. Your mood will instantly be elevated when you see the brilliant images: Serotonin will flood your brain and your senses will dance and your heart will sing. You’ll want to pack a bag and go traveling our fabulous world. So hit it already:


(Listed in a rainbow of colors, from green to yellow)


In what type of house would you like to live?

Funky houses

Dutch Funkiness: Enough to make you dizzy just looking at them

Now, if you live or have lived a globetrotting life as a traveler or expat, you will have domiciled in many houses, apartments, huts, shacks, tents, and maybe even castles. But you probably have never lived in any of the places on this link:


(Take your pick)


Do museums bore you?

The Hash Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Photo by Lauren Rauk/cc

Tired of cruising the graveyards of ugly old paintings, headless statues, and bits of broken crockery? (Don’t tell me I’m a philistine; I know.) Let’s go see some freaky stuff. How about a toilet seat museum? A phallological museum, aka a penis museum? Just what the world was waiting for (and yes, there is a gift shop). Check out this link:


(No, the Hash Museum in Amsterdam is not on this list. It’s not weird enough.)


And now for a delicious dessert!

Phuket ThailandThe Phuket Vegetarian Festival, a colorful annual event

Now check out the link below. You will be stunned by all the male gorgeousness displayed on the Mister Global Beauty Pageant 2019:


(Who is your favorite?)


Enough already with the fabulous, the funky, and the freaky. Hope you feel better.

* * *

So, dear reader, let me know if you’ve been entertained, and what you think. You know the routine: Hit that comment icon and chat me up a bit.

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Thanks for sharing the information. I saw you like the post about street art in Madrid on another forum and thought I should comment over your website. Really nice, btw

Oh what a wonderful way to laze through a Sunday afternoon! Now here’s one for YOU from right near my home in Switzerland … a stuffed frog museum … understandably not in France. Just sayin’.

This was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this eclectic assortment of neat things for us to enjoy. Doris

I actually made one of the cube houses for a project at school, BEFORE they were build in the Netherlands, so I should get credit for these…

maria altobelli

Fantastic! That Hash Museum sounded freaky enough to interest us when we were in the Netherlands on our way to Latvia (a great country by the way, but not a very colorful one under most circumstances), but there was no time. You kind of hate to tell someone you missed your plane because you were visiting the Hash Museum.

The photos made me want to pack a suitcase even though I’ve just unpacked one.

Nice way, Miss Footloose, to brighten our day.

land of shimp

Now that was marvelous amounts of fun. I agree, if you don’t let out a gasp of appreciation, particularly at that first picture of South Africa? There may be no hope for you. Perhaps daily chocolate therapy, glee-infusions and hefty doses of exhilaration might bring such an individual back from the dour-brink, but I doubt it.

Thank you for the oodles of fun 🙂


I hope they serve munchie food in the hash museum – that frog looks tasty mind you!

A hash museum! Hilarious…

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