by Miss Footloose

You’re a traveler or an expat and you don’t think there is anything funny about luggage troubles? Are you sure? No humor? No laughs at all?

You pack your precious things, your spend hours on planes, hours in transit lounges, and then one day your suitcases are not there on the blasted belt. It’s not funny!

Yes it is! Just look at this video, enjoy, and tell me about your luggage troubles.

What’s your luggage story? Surely, you have one! Tell me something about suitcases, airplanes, travel. Any advice?

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[…] months), though, you’ll be looking back at this incident and maybe find it hilarious. Watch this funny video about airport […]

Very funny video! I think anyone who travels a lot and has lived abroad has a travel story. My biggest travel misadventure was when my luggage was lost flying from France to Russia (with a stop in Italy) and took several months for it to be located and a lot of back and forth calls between airports in Moscow. I outlined all the details on my blog (there are way too many, and too crazy to go into here) but it was a nightmare to say the least. I also had an incident where the luggage handle fell off my… Read more »

I once met Rhod Gilbert at a luggage carousel. He’d been there for quite some time I understand – although I couldn’t quite get a handle on what he was saying. He really is a very funny guy.
Thanks for sharing this video.

All the best, Boonie

maria altobelli

Maybe, Bonnie, if you caught him at the same time as his experience recorded in the funny, funny video, he was talking about the handle that came with the luggage he didn’t get.

Laural Out Loud

There has not been one single time that we’ve flown from Brazil back home that things havne’t been stolen out of our luggange. If we’re lucky enough to have lag behind en route and delivered to us at home the day after our arrival, even more is missing. This time we’re using the seran wrap station at the airport and hopefully that will deter any thieving!

No, no, not shrimps 🙂

Last May, I pulled out my address book at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5, to call my friend Vickie, and say, “Goodbye.” I fumbled around looking for a Ziploc bag full of coins for the pay phone, then spent thirty minutes chatting. By the end, I had forgotten my address book, and walked away to catch my LA flight. I had all my addresses and phone numbers of friends from around the world, and called Heathrow “lost and found,” as soon as I got home. No one had turned it in. Now Christmas 2010 will be different as I cannot send… Read more »

Luggage lost en route from Istanbul to home. M. DeFarge’s luggage lost in transit between somewhere in Turkey and Istanbul. I am convinced that Istanbul is a Bermuda triangle for luggage.

Luv you too, Rhod Gilbert.

Oh, that was soooo funny!

Mine is too embarrassing to tell. Honest. Too, too embarrassing. But it has to do with, um, spoilt food.

Nancy Atkinson


Hola Karen, Yes this is so funny I saw it a few months ago but now you have refreshed my memory I shall post it to FB. We have some stories especially about traveling into Ecuador. They are quite a story so I need to get back to you on that. Look forward to seeing you back in EC one day. Bye for now.

He is very funny!

I never lost my luggage yet. It’s always arrived in one piece as well. Fortunately!

funny man…
well, I have plenty of luggage stories… broken handles, stolen TSA locks, items that I can’t live without in my far off destinations, spilling all over the plane or the airport…
actually those two were quite funny…maybe deserving of a post all their own!


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