Expat Life: Romancing the World Around

by Miss Footloose

Karen van der ZeeSince it’s Valentine’s Day, romance blooms everywhere – real, imagined, pretend, and fake. Roses, chocolate, diamonds, poems, music, everything romantic is on display to get you in the mood. Do you like romance novels? Be careful how you answer that!

Miss Footloose has been awash in romance for many years, has spent hours a day thinking about it, wondering about it, and yes, writing about it. In many different countries and many different expat houses. Scribbling on scraps of paper and tapping on computer keyboards. While outside her office the snow fell, tropical rains poured, the sun shone or not.

The photo shows you some of the results of her labors: Love stories set in Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya and so on, translated in a number of foreign languages. And just so you know: She is responsible only for the content, not the covers of the books.

I hope all of you have true love and devotion in your lives, the real and wonderful sort. If you’re greedy and you want some fantasy love and exotic adventure as well, here’s your chance: Just click on the photo and it will show you where to find some.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

* * *

Do you read romance novels? What do you think of Valentine’s Day? Do you have a funny Valentine’ Day story? Please entertain me!

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Funny valentine story? My husband is dead against it… He wanted to take me out to dinner, and phoned a restaurant to get a table. They were full, so he said it was a special occasion (just to increase his chances). The lady said, well, yes off course, it is for everyone. It’s valentine’s day. Had had no idea. He then refused to go out that night, as it was valentines day, so we had a romantic dinner the day after 😉

Funny you mention the cover, as that is usually what puts me off… it is not really my genre, I’d be more likely grab the last Booker price winner or a travel story, but I do have a soft spot for old fashioned romantic stuff, like Cissy van Marxveldt. My copy of Joop ter Heul is very battered, must have read it dozens of times! Maybe I should try one of yours, if it is an ebook I won’t have to face the cover or the public shame of people seeing me read it. I really like your writing on… Read more »

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