by Miss Footloose

Thanks to Julia from Turkey’s For Life I’ve been invited to take part in the 7 Links Project organized by Tripbase.  In this post I offer up links to 7 of my old posts to give them a fresh airing, and at the end I list  5 other bloggers who’ve agreed to do the same. After we write our post we tweet it with #My7Links and the rest is up to Tripbase.

So pour yourself a drink and enjoy the stories.  (And no worries, a fresh new story is coming soon.)

My most beautiful post:  I don’t think of my posts as “beautiful,” but this one is special to me in its own unique way. It is, afterall, about the place I sprung from. EXPAT ADVENTURE: PLAYING TOURIST IN YOUR HOME TOWN

2  My most popular post:  Jail is one of those subjects that tend to get attention.  Make this an African jail and well, here goes: EXPAT TROUBLE: OFF TO JAIL (Part One)

3  My most controversial post:  Humor me!  OF EXPATS, FOOD, AND REPTILES

4  My most helpful post:  I’m not really in the help and support business, but if you want to get pregnant, try eating  . . . EXPAT FOODIE: HOW TO GET PREGNANT

5  The post whose success most surprised me:  20 comments!  I was so excited.  Okay, I was new at this then.  Love this story though, and tell it at parties. Logic is a wonderful thing! EXPAT CONFUSION: THE PROBLEM DOES NOT EXIST

6  A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved:  Sheesh, more readers could have given me a little pat on the back for my fortitude.  EXPAT LAMENT: WHAT HAVE WE GOTTEN OURSELVES INTO NOW?

7  A post that you are most proud of:  I’m proud of all my children.  Try this one for a laugh: LIVING ABROAD: OH, THE THINGS YOU LEARN!

And here the links to the blogs joining the project:

Planet Nomad
Empty Nest Expat
Gutsy Living
Black and (A)broad
Clogs and Tulips

* * *

As you know, I live for your comments, so make my day and hit that button here or on the individual posts.

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I’ve been pulling up ‘the first’ posts that nobody commented on and they are getting quite a response! It’s good to go back, sometimes.

thank you for commenting over at my blog. as a former expat myself i look forward to exploring your life in the expat lane~

I started with the post you’re most proud of and every time I read what you write, I have to tell my husband what a fabulous writer you are and read an excerpt. Laughed just as much as I always do.

Thanks for the mention. Will be going off to read your other posts later – actually, we need to delve into your archives much more. So much to read here. 20 comments…I remember when we got our first ‘bucket load’ of comments and I was ridiculously pleased. I shocked myself at how happy I was! A bit of ego I guess. 🙂

Haha, I thought I had died and gone to heaven the time I received over 20 comments on a post! Thanks for sharing, I have enjoyed reading through bloggers old posts.

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