Expat Life: Miss Footloose is Sorry

by Miss Footloose

Having a cold

No doubt all of you expats have been waiting with baited breath for Miss Footloose’s next post about her new adventures. She can feel your eagerness radiating across cyberspace. Sadly, she has to disappoint you: There is no story this week. Her head is not full of herself, but full of a cold virus that has hijacked the rest of her as well. She is sure you don’t need any details about her miseries, so she shall spare you.

Just for the record, yes, Miss Footloose has left her expat life in Moldova and arrived in the US in great shape only to be invaded and conquered by this beastly parasite. In spite of all the many hours spent on airplanes, she hasn’t had as much as a sniffle in ten years, so she feels quite insulted.

Miss Footloose will return when no longer contagious.



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I must say, you look dreadful! Get well soon xx

Hope you feel better soon. x


Hahaha, I got 2 at home with the flu as well. Just made a ‘grog’, and sent them off to bed. Get well soon!


Hahaha, I got 2 at home withh the flu as well. Just made a ‘grog’, and send them off to bed. Get well soon!


So sorry you’re not feeling well! Wish you were closer in this vast country–I’d bring you home-made soup and reading material. Hope you feel better soon!



Heel veel beterschap gewenst! I hope you will soon feel better enough to start posting again!


I look forward to your reactions to the once-familiar world you find when you come back home, as one of you may have changed.

In the meantime, enjoy your non-lifethreatening excuse to rest and let other people tend to needful things, or let them slip entirely and be amazed how little difference most of them made.


Oh no, so sorry to hear you are sick. It is probably due to all the goodbyes and repatriation back to USA. Wonder where your next adventure will take you? I wanted you to know that I nominated you for Inspiring Blog Award as your weekly adventures and wonderful sense of humor keep me going.
Santè from Switzerland!

Keith L. Sanderson

Well, we miss Miss Loosefoot, now that she has pig’s feet, and a Rhino Virus, and is “Back In The USSA” where she obviously got a Cold reception. Welcome back, let us know where you are headed next, beside the pharmacy to load up on Zinc and Vitamin C.

Keith L. Sanderson

BTW, Zinc really works- heavy metals stop the Lysogenic cycle of a virus, where it reproduces in your body’s cells, since viruses are not alive and can’t reproduce themselves. It shortens the period of a cold, or flu. We used a silver colloid mix to save our young puppy from certain death when he got Parvo virus, and ancient Egyptians used silver and gold colloidal mixes to prolong their lives, thus some of the mummies have the dark blue skin from too much silver. (this from an old biology teacher, an expat in Ghana from ’66-’69, and a long time… Read more »

Chubby Chatterbox

Get well soon. We need our Miss Footloose up and about.

I’m sitting here pretty much glued to my tissue box as my nose has also been invaded by something nasty, so I can understand your predicament. Instead of feeling motivated to write a blog post as I had planned, I am out there surfing other people’s stories – turns out they are also sick! Get well soon!

Treat yourself to some of those super-soft Kleenex with aloe (bet you couldn’t get them in Moldova) and gallons of chicken soup. Get well soon!

Finland blog

Yeh!get well soon and take lots of warm drinks with lemon or vitamin C
Another great remedy is Echanafors,a Swedish herbal tonic.It clears your head and really works

Get well soon, Miss Footloose!

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