by Miss Footloose

Have you ever moved to a country where you don’t speak the language, can’t read the alphabet, don’t know a soul? Life as an expat is often an adventure, but making social and professional contacts in your new habitat is of the essence.

As many of you know, my blog is about my own (mis)adventures abroad, in Armenia as well as other countries, and recently my blog caught the attention of InterNations and I was invited to join.

So I did. For some of my (blogging) expat readers InterNations may be an organization of interest. In many places around the world members even have true-life and in-the-flesh social get-togethers. So if you happen to live in one of these locations you might just find yourself some new friends. Here is some information:

The online community InterNations attracts thousands of members in search of new contacts abroad every month. InterNations is the international social networking service for expats and global minds worldwide. The members are diplomats, managers and employees of multinational companies, IGOs and NGOs, foreign correspondents as well as their families. They actively discuss both local and global issues and also meet up in over 235 communities on a regular basis.

After celebrating its second anniversary in late 2009, the German start-up recently hit the 150,000 members mark. InterNations was founded by three young entrepreneurs and has been online since September 2007. They came up with an web-based solution for the ‚real-life‘ problems of the expat community – and their business concept was promptly awarded the “Land der Ideen” award by the German government and the Federation of German Industries.

For more information check out their site at www.InterNations.org. Scroll down to see the list of cities and countries and click a location of interest to see what’s going on there. Below is the link for Yerevan, Armenia.


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I havent heard them before. will go and check right now..

I haven’t heard of them either but will be taking a look, thank you. Have a very happy weekend, xv.


It might be interesting. Thanks for the link.

That is incredibly handy, and useful. The internet has really helped people to find connections, no matter where they roam. You just made me think of something, a friend moved to Tel Aviv years back, and whereas that’s particularly exotic and many Israelis speak English, my friend’s husband was Jewish, and she was not. She eventually ran an ad online to try and meet some new people, as friends, and she did…which is how she met “My bacon buddy.” I was in fits laughing at her descriptions of the get togethers they would have…in which they ate every darned they… Read more »

New to me; thanks missy :))

I will definitely check this out! Thank you!

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