Expat Life: Holiday Greetings from Afar

by Miss Footloose

Where in the world are you spending the holidays? Is it cold and snowy? Is it warm and sunny? Are you home with family or far away? My prince and I are staying in calm and quiet Moldova. Yesterday was Christmas Day, the first time in years we did not spend Christmas with our family. But we invited friends and I cooked a Moldovan village goose and a good time was had by all.

So, dear friends and readers, wherever you are in this fascinating world of ours I wish you

Happy Holidays

Love and Joy

Sparkle and Shine

And please tell me, where in the world are you spending the holidays, and what is on your festive dinner table?

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We spent Christmas in southern California with my inlaws. It’s a weird place. I wrote a post about it, with lots of photos. Donn and I usually have roast lamb for Christmas, but my MIL cooked a turkey so we had a traditional dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing. It was my first time to sample the typical American dish of green bean casserole and I wasn’t too fond of it. Although I grew up on this continent, my mother was Welsh so we had a more British kind of meal. Happy to be “home” in the cold and rainy… Read more »

Warm and sunny in our part of the world; Gold Coast, Australia.
You have a great blog with lovely pictures. I’ll be sure to visit regularly! Hope you have a wonderful new year in 2012!

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