Expat Life: Exotic Pleasures and Other Fun

by Miss Footloose

Are you tired? Are you living abroad (or not) and feeling stressed out? Are you worried about the state of the world? Do you need a laugh, a little fun? Okay, for a bit of endorphins therapy let me take you to Ghana, West Africa, where I happily lived the expat life for a good number of years and had various exotic adventures (if breaking my leg in the jungle was not one of them). Ghanaians are cheerful people. They like to joke and laugh. They also like to make fun signs for shops and businesses. So have a look and cheer up!

Corruption in Ghana

Note: Sadly, the photos are not mine. I wasn’t smart enough to go around taking my own pictures when I lived in Ghana. Click on the images to find the source and the credits.

Ghanaians are direct. no beating about the bush here:

Sex in Ghana

And if you succumb to temptation, you can repent here:

Ghana hair salon© Corinthian Gulf | used by permission


As an expat, finding repair services can be tricky. Here’s salvation for your broken phone:

Ghana sign


Want some exotic pleasure? This sign by the road will tell you what you need:

Ghana billboard© Globe Trodden | used by permission


Looking to rent chairs for a big expat bash in your garden? You can’t go wrong with these:

Ghana sign


The sisters are glad to be informed of this:

Ghana sign


Electrical problems? Go here. Are you not happy with your skinny hips and tiny bottom? Get wider and bigger! Here’s the number to call:


You need a delicate procedure? No worries: Hygienic conditions!

Ghana signs


I’m sure by now you’ll need a drink, or two, and something to put the starch back into you, so take thee to this place and have a beer and a bowl of fufu:

Ghana chop bar


And that’s probably enough for now. But if you want more check out Hilarious Services.

Just for the record:

Yes, I know this may give you a rather skewed view of Ghana and its people. Trust me, there are many sophisticated, serious, educated souls in suits who use modern medical facilities, have their fancy phones fixed in state-of-the–art tech shops, eat in gourmet restaurants and toil away in snazzy offices working their butts off in the modern rat race. They’re just not any fun.

* * *

What amuses you in your expat life or on your travels? Ever seen interesting signage? Go ahead, make me laugh.

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These signs are so funny! My favourite were the signs in Japan, it was like anything you could think of was prohibited as they like to keep things super safe and on the straight and narrow. It was actually my favourite country on my travels, so they are doing something right! Melis

Chubby Chatterbox

I just found your blog thanks to Best Posts of the Week and I think it’s great. The little boy in that circumcision sign looks like he’s about to grab those scissors to do the job himself. I hope you’ll visit me sometime at Chubby Chatterbox where I write about travel, humor and nostalgia. If you visit, I hope you will take a moment to press the Join button and I’ll return the compliment. Take care. I Hope that leg isn’t bothering you too much.

Wow aren’t they creepy! And I thought I had seen good ones in India, you never stop learning, really 😛

Oh, I love these playful signs! So wonderful.

Oh dear, not sure I’d fancy a visit to ‘Auntie Aggie’. I must have seen loads but I can’t think of a single funny sign that I’ve seen in Turkey…hmm…you’ve got me thinking now.

maggie myklebust

Right outside Sola Airport, in Stavanger Norway is a sign that reads, ‘Gods terminal’ it obviously means Goods or freight, but after twenty years, I still get a kick out of it 🙂


LOL over these signs. The cross cultural word games one plays when driving around outside of one’s borders are always a great source of merriment.

These are hilarious! There some very serious issues behind some of those signs, like corruption or HIV prevention, but most made me laugh 🙂

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