Expat Life: Bali, Anyone?

by Miss Footloose

Sadly, dear Reader, this book is no longer available.

But check out other fun expat tales right here:

Life in the Expat Lane: Foreign Fun in Exotic Places



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Hi Miss Footloose, I’ve been following you since long (although I’ve never told you ;). Yesterday I gave you THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD among 15 others who, at the beginning of my journey in 2012, inspired me and gave me strenght to follow my dreams, write and travel the world.
You can fint the Award here: http://www.toohappytobehomesick.com/the-very-inspiring-blogger-award-7-curiosita-mai-rivelate-su-di-me/

It’s in Italian, but you can always have it (badly) translated with Google.
Thanks and keep on inspiring others with your life. Your writing is amazing. Yours is definitely my favourite expat blog.

I’m a sucker for romance novels set anywhere! The other day, I was yearning for one, and I had none at home.

I’m not reading a romance novel right now, I’m reading The Good Husband of Zebra Drive.

I’m off to read the excerpt.

My wife and I spent a month in Java and Bali in 1974. (Our son was conceived there, which accounts for his brown curly hair, brown eyes and tendency to tan quickly. I guess…) We stayed in a hotel just off Kuta Beach for $2 a night. Those were the days, eh? The beach wasn’t up to much, we thought, but at least it didn’t have used needles all over the place, which it had in later years, I’m told. We went out on the lake in a rowboat, with guide – and had to struggle mightily to get back… Read more »

Never been to Bali either. Living in Perth, Bali is the closest to a holiday Paradise the Perthites have (closer than some of the cities in the East Coast too), but having seen a few documentaries on how the Australian youth behaves in Bali, the lawlessness, etc, it has somehow put me off too. I would rather go to Fiji or New Caledonia…
Congratulations on the new novel, looks like a good summer read!

Hi Miss Footloose — Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Bali. Some people love it but others complain about hordes of drunk tourists – the latter obviously is pretty offputting. Hailing from Malaysia (and now living in Hong Kong), the vast majority of books I read – never mind like – have foreign settings since the language I prefer reading in is English! Should you ever like to try books set in these places though, I’d like to recommend, for Malaysia, local writer Sri Delima’s “As I Was Passing” (Volumes 1 and 2) and, for Hong Kong, Martin… Read more »

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