Expat Fun: Hilarious Services

by Miss Footloose

Do you love to complain about the miseries of your expat life? About how nothing works and they don’t import your favorite brand of peanut butter and the streets are full of potholes. No? Me neither.

Well, I must admit to an occasional lapse when the internet doesn’t work. Generally though, I find it more interesting to look for the amusing side of life in a foreign country. It helps to keep the budget for antidepressants at a manageable level.

The most fun I had living abroad was in Ghana, West Africa, where I actually lived twice, for a total of almost 8 years. (Our first daughter was born there, delivered by a doctor wearing a butcher apron and rubber boots, but that’s another story.) What I love about Ghana is not the steamy tropical climate, the malarial mosquitoes and the power outages. What I love most is the people.

Ghanaians are outgoing, down to earth and they say it as they see it. They have a fun sense of humor and it’s easy to joke and laugh with them. Of course the fact that English is the official language is a big bonus.

It is easy to recognize the Ghanaian character by looking at the posters, bill boards and shop signs you find everywhere along the roads and streets. You can even see it in their coffins. In the coffins of the well to do, at any rate.

Ghana coffins

Coffins: lobster, pineapple, beer bottle and others. Design your own.

So for your entertainment, here are some more photos expressing the Ghanaian character and culture.

Ghanaian restroom

Is this clear?

Do you need computer classes? Are you a Christian person? Here’s the place for you:

Peace and Love, but if you are a lazy man, don’t come here to eat. Click on photo for more fun info.

Peace and Love Spot

Are you suffering? Here’s the place to go:

Ghanaian herbal remedies

A cure for everything

And here a poster that needs no explanation:

Ghana AIDS poster

This is probably enough for today.

* * *

In what country did you most enjoy the people and the culture? Or what do you like most about the characteristics of your own people?

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